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Media Appearance by our CEO


Millennial employees slammed for poor work ethic by retail chief

The much-maligned millennial generation is being critiqued over work ethic from within its ranks.

A retail chief has accused the generation of hustling for promotions and pay-rises well above their preparedness to work.


Apologising and dumping your ad is pointless, Pepsi. It’s not going away

PEPSI has inadvertently created an iconic moment in advertising. It might not have had the impact they wanted, but dumping the ad is pointless, writes Alex Tselios


My obsession with my startup is no different to parents obsessing over their kids

When entrepreneurs first launch their companies, they have often previously romanticised long discussions with other entrepreneurs about their startups and how they will collaborate. They picture themselves pitching to VCs and ultimately creating a company that disrupts their industry.

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