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Digital Footprint Audit


"I've run footprint audits live on stage a number of times now and - despite volunteering - the subject is always surprised by what we find, the good and the bad."

- Alexandra Senter, CEO The Big Smoke

What does your online presence say about you? Find out for free!

  • Is your social media up to snuff?

  • What negative press or reviews will people find? 

  • What will people read about you in the news?

  • Does your website work?

  • Can people even find you on Google?

  • How are your competitors doing?

  • Where should you be putting your efforts?


All This For Free?

Before we help anyone we like to know what the problem actually is - and you should too!

Our Digital Footprint Audit will give you an obligation-free report, including recommendations for how to improve any problems we find.

After we'd be happy to discuss how we'd help but for at the very least it's peace of mind at the right price 

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What will your Digital Footprint Audit Report contain?

At the end of the audit - which will be completed within one week of the project starting - you'll receive a final report which is yours to keep.

What do we do?
We use a number of tools, and our decades worth of experience accessing digital platforms and media, to find everything we can about you and your company online.

Once we have a full map of your presence online we then carefully access each one and add our findings to the report.

What do you have to do?
Very little! Once you sign up we'll send you a quick questionnaire that asks for things like your social media accounts, who you consider your competitors and other details.

Answer as much or as little as you like - the audit will work either way, it just helps us make better recommendations!

Some Areas the Report Covers:

  • Social channels

    • What channels exist

    • How optimised are they?

    • Current performance

    • Issues that exist

    • Recommendations

  • News Monitoring

    • Total overage

    • What's positive

    • What's negative

    • Recommendations

  • Website

    • Functionality

    • Copy analysis

    • Issues that exist

    • SEO results

  • Search Results

    • Google standing

    • Name results

    • Industry results

    • Key terms results

  • Competitors

    • Who they are

    • What are they doing

    • Where are you winning

    • Where are they

    • Recommendations

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The Big Smoke was born out of Australia, now has a team operating in both Australia and the USA - serving clients in both regions every day. We understand both markets, and because we were a media outlet first, we understand content that converts audiences.

Don't Skim This: Once you choose a plan, your subscription plan shall automatically renew each month. You can opt-out from such renewal for any reason whatsoever, no questions asked. To make life easier, we have included our terms here - please note when you subscribe to a plan your account manager will also go through the terms with you so that we are all on the same page going forward. We look forward to working with you.

*Money-Back Guarantee: The request must be made after all potential revisions of the work has been made and submitted to us in writing within the first month of the project commecing.

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